• Villa Comunale, area "Contessa de' Matthaeis"
  • Frosinone
  • Italy
  • Lazio
  • Province of Frosinone
  • Frosinone


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  • 600 BC - 500 BC


    • The excavation in the Villa Comunale di Frosinone has brought to light a rustic installation belonging to the Volscan culture of the end of the sixth-beginning of the fifth century BC, and a small contemporary necropolis. The structure, divided into separate rooms, was built with a masonry socle, an elevation in mud brick and a tile roof. On the exterior of the dwelling was found a child's burial "a anchytrismos" within a dolium. Four rectangular pit burials were found in the cemetery area, all without grave goods. Remains of libations and offertory rites relative to the practice of inhumation are suggested by fragments of a jar and ritual vases, some in miniature, which were intentionally broken.


    • A. Tommassetti, 2003, Frosinone: scavi presso la Villa Comunale nell'area "Contessa de' Matthaeis", in J. Rasmus Brandt, X. Dupré Raventós, G. Ghini (a cura di), Lazio & Sabina, 1, Atti del Convegno (28-30 gennaio 2002, Roma), Roma: 67-74