• Casa dei Fiori, Regio VI.5.9-10, 19
  • Pompei
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    • 300 BC - 79 AD


      • _Domus_ VI 5, 9-10, 19 occupies the central area of _insula_ 5 of _Regio_ VI. In 1976-79 it was investigated by Milan University’s Institute of Archaeology which concentrated on the eastern part of the house. The attention of the present investigation focused on the western part due to the presence of walls in _opus africanum_ attributable to the Samnite phase. The trench in room 9 of the house revealed three overlying floor levels datable to between the 2nd century B.C. and the 1st century A.D., the earliest of which is made up of beaten earth. On its surface were traces of charcoal and ash which probably attest the existence of wooden floor boards. Below these levels were two _praefurniae_ belonging to a kiln which pre-dates (3rd century B.C.) the house and probably produced tiles. In fact, a contiguous layer contained a substantial quantity of imbrices, tile and _dolia_ wasters. Unfortunately it was not possible to further investigate the structure as it extends below the _fauces_ and the _cubiculum_ south of the main entrance. It can be suggested that the kiln’s furnace was of square or rectangular plan. (Solidea Placidi)


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