• Remina Dupka Cave
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    • 40000 BC - 10000 BC


      • REMINA DUPKA CAVE (Ivailo Krumov – muzeibelogradchik@abv.bg) Remina Dupka Cave is situated in the northern slope of Vedernik Peak. Its entrance, 4 m high and 8 m wide, is oriented to the northeast. A sondage was carried out in trenches D2 and D3 situated in the entry passage. A concentration of flint artifacts was documented in Stratum 2. Sporadic finds, mostly animal bones, were discovered in Stratum 3. The flint assemblage included several not well diagnostic shapes from Stratum 2: a core with traces from debitage of flakes, three cores with traces from debitage of small flakes and plates, and not retouched flakes. The paleontological material in Stratum 2 was in limited quantity and looked related more probably to the Late Pleistocene fauna. The bones from the hunted animals were probably thrown away outside the cave. More animal bones were documented in Stratum 3, while the flint material was presented by sporadic artifacts. The cave was used for sporadic activities, for example the processing of raw flint. The discovery of charcoal in the strata indicated that the cave was used as a temporary shelter by groups of hunters during the Upper Paleolithic period, probably its later phases.


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