• Umbro Flumen
  • Prima Golena
  • Umbro Flumen
  • Italy
  • Tuscany
  • Provincia di Grosseto
  • Province of Grosseto


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  • 200 BC - 550 AD


    • The site of Umbro Flumen is situated along the ancient Roman coastline in the territory of Alberese, within the Maremma Regional Park. The settlement was first identified in 2011 from an aerial photograph taken from a kite, which showed buried structures of a certain entity. In 2013, a small trial trench showed the archaeological deposits and walls to be in a good state of preservation. In 2014, excavations began that aim to document the extension and function of the settlement, which appeared to be a _villa_ _rustica_ that during the mid and late imperial period underwent a series of rebuilds that altered its original plan. From the 2nd century A.D. onwards, a series of workshops were created along the northern edge of the structure (forge for lead and iron working) and in the atrium which by then was out of use (oval kiln). Later, a kitchen area was created in the western part of the atrium, attested by the presence of a hearth and cooking surface, in addition to fragments of ceramic cooking wares. In a late phase, the room on the north-western side presented an _opus_ _spicatum_ floor, which was in a very good state of preservation. The structure seemed to have been in use until at least the end of the 5th century or early 6th century, as attested by the pottery from the surface layers. However, sometime before the mid 6th century the settlement was abandoned at the same time as the nearby manufacturing quarter at Spolverino and the area of Roman temples at Scoglietto.


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