• Buzluka Tumuli
  • Kardam


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    • 100 AD - 300 AD


      • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR THE VILLAGE OF KARDAM (Bozhidar Draganov – b.draganov@abv.bg, Yoto Yotov) There were four tumuli on the site. Tumulus No. 1 was c. 25 m in diameter. Tumulus No. 2 was 55 – 60 m in diameter and c. 2 m in height. Tumulus No. 3 was 36 – 40 m in diameter. Seven sondages were carried out near the tumuli. Sherds from pottery of the Roman period, including from amphorae, were found. In addition, single sherds from the Early Bronze Age and from Hellenistic amphorae from Thasos, Heraclea Pontica and Knidos were found. A Roman provincial bronze coin of Macrinus and Diadumenian minted in Marcianopolis was found at c. 50 m to the southeast from Tumulus No. 2. Two walls of stones bonded with mud were located in Sondage No. 1. They probably belonged to buildings of a settlement of the Roman period.


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