• Colle S. Angeletto
  • Corcolle


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    • 600 BC - 500 BC
    • 400 BC - 200 BC


      • This is an ongoing investigation begun in 1994 into the Republican necropolis associated with the village of Corcolle. Some scholars identify this center as the ancient Querquetulum, the city that helped the Tarquins after the fall of the monarchy and their capture of Rome. The necropolis is composed of burial pits and chambers arranged along a viable axis that crosses the tufaceous rock in the principal north/south direction. The tomb furnishings suggest a use of the necropolis in the late classical-early Hellenistic period, despite the presence of furnishings dating to the first half of the sixth century BC.


      • B. Adembri, 2003, Ricerche, tutela e valorizzazione dei monumenti in area prenestina: le evidenze archeologiche di Colle S. Angeletto (Gallicano nel Lazio) e il "Tondo" di Zagarolo, in J. Rasmus Brandt, X. Dupré Raventós, G. Ghini (a cura di), Lazio & Sabina, 1, Atti del Convegno (28-30 gennaio 2002, Roma), Roma: 27-31