• Piazza San Giacomo
  • Giussano
  • Italy
  • Lombardy
  • Monza Brianza
  • Giussano


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  • 1500 AD - 1600 AD


    • During the restructuring of piazza San Giacomo stretches of the foundations of a building which should correspond to the old parish church of San Giacomo came to light. This building was demolished in 1939 and all that remains of it are some old photographs in the form of post-cards and a plan in the communal archives dated 1569. The structures revealed seem, on the whole, to correspond to the old plan, however, earlier architectural fragments re-used in its construction lead to the hypothesis that the 16th century church was built upon a medieval building. No traces of this building were found in the trenches excavated. It is therefore possible that an earlier church stood in the immediate vicinity of San Giacomo rather than directly below it. (Laura Simone Zopfi)


    • Laura Simone Zopfi. 2005. Giussano (MI) piazza San Giacomo: resti dell'antica parrocchiale. FOLD&R Italy: 42.


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