• Seripola
  • Seripola
  • Castellum Amerinum
  • Italy
  • Lazio
  • Province of Viterbo
  • Orte


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  • 200 BC - 600 AD


    • The river port of Seripola, situated on the eastern bank of the Tiber, was discovered in 1962-63 during the construction of the Autostrada A1. The site was identified in the Tabula Peutingeriana as Castellum Amerinum and is located at the point where the ancient via Amerina crossed the Tiber. The excavations, conducted on only a part of the site, have permitted a dating of the occupation between the second century BC and Late Antique period. As part of the project of analysis of the cities, road stations and ports of the middle and lower Tiber valley, new investigations were begun with the use of the geophysical research and surface survey in the area outside the excavations of Seripola and near the via Amerina. Magnetometry revealed the presence of sepulchral structures both along the via Amerina and along the bank of the Tiber. These show an extention of the site higher than that previously imagined. Moreover, it was possible to follow the layout of the via Amerina for a length of over 140 meters beyond the excavated area; its route is delimited by tombs and mausolea. The continuation of this research will permit further clarification of the structure of this small river port.


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