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    • 200 BC - 100 BC
    • 70 AD - 79 AD


      • The Central Baths at Pompeii were excavated in the years 1877-1878. It was immediately clear that the complex was still under construction, in the place of other buildings that had been razed to the ground, perhaps due to the earthquake of 62 A.D. A detailed study of the baths has yet to be made. The project “The Central Baths at Pompeii”, begun in 2003, is being carried out under the aegis of the Royal Dutch Institute at Rome (KNIR). The projects aims are as follows: 1. to establish the building history of the baths; 2. a study of the social aspects: ancient planning for the fruition of the baths; 3. an evaluation of the building for new elements that may add to knowledge of the history of Roman baths; 4. to establish the building history of the insula. The work carried out so far consists in the documentation of the structures and an analysis of technical aspects such as heating systems, water supply and the disposal of waste water. Moreover, in close collaboration with Karlsruhe Polytechnic, a survey was made and 3D models created (using photogrammetry) of the building’s main rooms. Lastly, several trenches were placed with the aim of resolving specific problems. One of them revealed part of a house with an atrium, of which it was possible to trace the rough outline of the first part. (Nathalie De Haan, Kurt Wallat)


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