• Casa di Caecilius Iucundus, Regio V.1. 22-27
  • Pompei
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    • 200 BC - 79 AD


      • In 2006, the seventh, final large field campaign took place in the Casa di _Caecilius Iucundus_. The aim of the studies has been to document the whole complex, to test the interpretations of previous scholarship and to gain more information on the history of the complex. New evidence has been gained via the wall documentation and studies of wall paintings, analyses of wall plasters, and, in addition, through the geophysical study that was conducted in 2006. Hypotheses suggested by the wall documentation were evaluated with trial trenches made in the northern part of the house complex. The trial trenches revealed remains of a cistern and an older wall running north-south at the floor level in the stable, room V.1.23q, as well as evidence for the development of the reorganization of the rooms flanking the _tablinum_ to the south when the two houses were incorporated: a narrow corridor was built and an entrance to the northern ala of V.1.26 was opened through the southern wall. The last two campaigns have also yielded unexpected results about the economic localities, tabernae 22, 24, 25 and 27, in front of the house along Via Stabiana. Amphorae were found in the cesspits of taberna 24 and 25, and in V.1.27, the architectonic features revealed attest the existence of a fullery, still active in 79 A.D.: a cistern and a large basin in the southern part were full of lapilli and ash. There were still remains of the material used for the treatment of the fabric left at the bottom of the basin. Samples are being analyzed in the Archaeological Research Laboratory in Stockholm. (Arja Karivieri, Renée Forsell)


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