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  • Coriglia
  • Monterubiaglio
  • Italy
  • Umbria
  • Province of Terni
  • Castel Viscardo



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    • In 2006 excavations began on the Etrusco-Roman settlement of Coriglia, undertaken by Saint Anselm College (NH) in collaboration with the municipality of Castel Viscardo. The investigations brought to light a series of structures situated on a terrace overl... Read More
    • The fifth excavation campaign on the site of Coriglia (Saint Anselm College NH, USA with the municipality of Castel Viscardo and the Archaeological Superintendency of Umbria) took place in May and June. The campaign aimed to investigate particular sectors ... Read More
    • The 2011 excavation campaign concentrated on four trenches, one begun this year. The beginning and ending dates of the bath complex were established in trench C, the largest and northernmost in the site. The first layout can be dated to the Republican peri... Read More
    • Trench A was extended by two metres in the south-east corner in order to investigate the road identified in 2007: a cobbled surface about 3 m wide on a north-south alignment, bordered by kerbs made up of river stones. The cobbled surface formed a countersl... Read More
    • Now in the eighth year, this season’s excavations at Coriglia continued work in the areas of greatest archaeological interest. With its extension of 640 m² and the building complex overlooking the Paglia valley, trench C is the largest on the site. Work fo... Read More
    • Along the western embankment a wall connected to the Etruscan road was identified in trench A. In cleaning the ridge, a fragmentary ziro came to light, perhaps set upside down. This would be the second example of this kind, fundamental in interpreting th... Read More
    • The 2015 excavations at Coriglia uncovered important new evidence in four trenches, three opened previously, and one new area. In trench A, to the east, the cobblestone surface was shown to be later and more limited in extension than that uncovered in the ... Read More
    • The eleventh archaeological campaign at the site of Coriglia in the municipality of Castel Viscardo, along the valley of the Paglia River in the area of the Parco Archeologico dell’Orvietano, was begun in the month of May 2016.

      Stratigraphic studies for

      ... Read More
    • Le indagini stratigrafiche nel sito archeologico di Coriglia, nel 2017 si sono concentrate nei saggi A, C, F e K.

      Saggio A

      Si tratta di un’area caratterizzata dalla presenza di percorsi glareati di età romana, forse tardo imperiali, compromessi da int

      ... Read More
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