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  • Nuraghe Tanca Manna
  • Quartiere Su Nuraghe
  • Tanca Manna
  • Italy
  • Sardinia
  • Province of Nuoro
  • Nuoro



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    • The site of Tanca Manna, a single-towered nuraghe built on a granite outcrop and a village, is situated in the modern town of Nuoro. Interventions on the site undertaken in 2005 worked on the conservation of the tower and identified several huts from the v... Read More
    • In 2012, the University of Bologna and Nuoro town council started a research project in the Tanca Manna Park located in the Su Nuraghe district of the town. This is the site of a Bronze Age village (BM2, BM3 and BR phases) made up of a single-towered nurag... Read More
    • The 2014 campaign continued the excavations in sectors 1 and 2, which were extended, and sector 3 was opened close to the nuraghe (Fig. 1).

      Sector 1, north of the nuraghe of Tanca Manna, was extended towards the south and north, reaching an overall area o

      ... Read More
    • This season, the excavations were further extended in all three sectors. In sector 1, situated north of the nuraghe, the area adjacent to rooms 6 and 9 was extended and the collapse removed from the area immediately to the south. In room 6, more of the lin... Read More


    • Maria Ausilia Fadda. 2014. Il villaggio adiacente al nuraghe Tanca Manna e l'età del Bronzo nella città di Nuoro. FOLD&R Italy: 315.
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  • 2600 BC
  • 1700 BC
  • 1600 BC


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