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Archaeological Survey


Survey ProjectProject NameLocationOptions
AIAC_107Southern Argolid Exploration Project (AEP)view record
AIAC_110The Sphakia Surveyview record
AIAC_119Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project (TAESP)view record
AIAC_127Minnesota Archaeological Researches in the Western Peloponnese (MARWP)view record
AIAC_179Chicago Euphrates Archaeological Surveyview record
AIAC_184Edom Lowlands Projectview record
AIAC_187Central Anatolian Surveyview record
AIAC_190North Jazira Surveyview record
AIAC_205Diyala Basin Archaeological Projectview record
AIAC_211Tell Rifa'at Surveyview record
AIAC_224Adiyaman Surveyview record
AIAC_233Northeastern Syria Surveyview record
AIAC_255Goksu Archaeological Projectview record
AIAC_262The Jabal Hamrat Fidan Projectview record
AIAC_263Archaeological Survey of the Kerak Plateauview record
AIAC_265The Baq'ah Valley Project: The Umm ad-Dananir Archaeological Surveyview record
AIAC_282Potenza Valley Survey (PVS)view record
AIAC_288Tell Leilan Project Regional Survey (LRS)view record
AIAC_298The Southeast Araba Archaeological Survey (SAAS)view record
AIAC_309Sakcagozu Surveyview record
AIAC_31North Burgos Archaeological Surveyview record
AIAC_320Southern Latium Surveyview record
AIAC_346Umm el-Jimalview record
AIAC_369The Water Supply System of Susitaview record
AIAC_376Via Egnatia Projectview record
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