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Archaeological Survey


Survey ProjectProject NameLocationOptions
AIAC_102SEEP: The Southern Euboea Exploration Projectview record
AIAC_107Southern Argolid Exploration Project (AEP)view record
AIAC_110The Sphakia Surveyview record
AIAC_112Phlius Surveyview record
AIAC_118Vasilikos Valley Projectview record
AIAC_130Zea Harbour Projectview record
AIAC_135Chios-Kato Fanaview record
AIAC_141Athienou Archaeological Projectview record
AIAC_145Pylos Regional Archaeological Projectview record
AIAC_148The Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Projectview record
AIAC_158Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Projectview record
AIAC_160The Amuq Surveyview record
AIAC_161Segermes Project: Africa Proconsularisview record
AIAC_162Aphrodisias in Cariaview record
AIAC_171The Bir Umm Faw Akhir Surveyview record
AIAC_180UNESCO Libyan Valleys Archaeological Surveyview record
AIAC_185Leptiminus (Lamta) Surveyview record
AIAC_186Kerkenes Dagview record
AIAC_199Bezymyannaya Projectview record
AIAC_200Quseir Al-Qadim Projectview record
AIAC_203Uruk Surveyview record
AIAC_204Dakhleh Oasis Project (DOP)view record
AIAC_209Jerusalem Surveyview record
AIAC_212Tell Tebilla Projectview record
AIAC_222Adriatic Islands Projectview record
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