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Archaeological Survey

  • Cyprus
  • Pafos
  • Néo Chorió


  • The extensive survey would provide a wider spatial and chronological context for the site at Ayios Kononas and the human activity that took place there.

Project Dates

  • 1988 - 1991


  • No period data has been added yet
  • 87509000 BC
  • 70006800 BC
  • 29002300 BC
  • 4500 BC
  • 3800 BC
  • 2300 BC
  • 1185 AD
  • 1191 AD
  • 1960 AD
  • 2000 AD

Survey Method

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Other Comments

  • Was Ayios Kononas the only inhabited place, or were there contemporary settlements in the surrounding area? Is there any consistent relationship between the long-abandoned terraces and the apparently ubiquitous scatter of sherds? Was there any evidence of farming or other economic activity in antiquity, such as mining or the export of timber? Was the area first settled in the Roman period, in Hellenistic times, or earlier? Were any nearby settlements abandoned when people moved to Ayios Kononas? When was the major settlement at Ayios Kononas abandoned, and what then happened in the surrounding countryside?

Research Institution

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