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Archaeological Survey


    • This project attempts to conclude the culture history of the valley using information about man-made structures, features and artifacts from the recent past and present by presenting archaeology and history in the environment and to offer an interpretation of human interaction with the environment in this area. They also put forth a general principle that whenever markets were accessible by sea, intensification of agricultural and exploitation practices are feasible and therefore the population would increase over time to meet the demand for labor and settlements disperse until an economic decline causes the population to fall and become a more nucleated settlement.

    Project Dates

    • 1979 - 1983

    Other Comments

    • palynology; radiocarbon dating
    • -Why did the Southern Argolid have two city-states based on two towns, Hermion and Halieis from the 8th to the early 3rd century BC, yet thereafter only one? And why did Hermion remain and not the other? -Why are there three periods of relatively high populations and economic activity and how did they occur?

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