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Archaeological Survey


    • This project was undertaken to obtain a more precise understanding of the characteristics and age for the Levallois-Mousterian in the region and compare the results to other similar regions. They hypothesize their results are representative of a later (than previously thought) movement of archaic Homo sapiens from central and southest Europe into Greece after the beginning of the last glacial, lending support to the Replacement Theory of modern Homo sapiens

    Project Dates

    • 1987 - 1991


    • No period data has been added yet
    • 85500 BC
    • 68000 BC
    • 23000 BC

    Survey Method

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    Other Comments

    • radiocarbon and radiometric dating
    • Geological inspection of the contexts of Middle Paleolithic sites previously discovered by this project and others; Reexamine certain findspots, establish dates and search for Early Paleolithic sites; Overall better understanding of the nature and date of the Paleolithic in Greece.

    Research Institution

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