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Archaeological Survey

  • Italy
  • Lazio
  • Provincia di Latina
  • Latina


  • The Fogliano Survey served to complement the long-term excavations at Satricum. It is a part of the Regional Pathways to Complexity (RPC) Project, which is aimed at a better understanding of the spatio-temporal distribution of archaeological materials in the study region.

Project Dates

  • 1998 - 1999


  • No period data has been added yet
  • 1800 BC
  • 1000 BC
  • 300 AD

Survey Method

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Research Focus

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Other Comments

  • What was the influence of an environmentally marginal landscape on the early urbanisation process (7th-6th centuries BC) and of Roman expansion in the subsequent period? Was late Republican and early Imperial settlement increase due to socio-economic development very specific to coastal margins, or was there some other factor involved?

Research Institution

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