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Archaeological Survey


    • The WHS was a systematic and intensive survey of the Wadi el Hasa, intended to identify archaeological sites from prehistoric times to the end of the Turkish domination of the area, to establish a chronological sequence for the occupations recorded in the area, to identify the settlement patterns of the area, to check and complete previous work in the area, and to complement work done in neighboring areas.

    Project Dates

    • 1979 - 1983


    • No period data has been added yet
    • 625500 BC
    • 500000 BC
    • 640 AD
    • 661 AD
    • 1918 AD
    • 2000 AD

    Survey Method

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    Other Comments

    • What were the settlement patterns in the spatial distribution of sites? What was the chronological sequence of the occupation in the area?

    Research Institution

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