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Index for 2024

  • 21 - Gianluca Mastrocinque – Marco Campese – Francesca De Palo – Vito Lucente – Maria Silvestri. 2024. Egnatia survey: nuovi dati sul territorio di Egnazia dall’età del Bronzo al Medioevo. This article presents the results of a systematic survey (covering an area of 30 sq. km) and the palaeoenvironmental analyses in the Egnatia area (Fasano, BR), both carried out by the University of Bari Aldo Moro to provide for the first time an insight into settlements patterns and exploitation strategies of natural resources. Rural landscape transformations can be read over a long chronological span, from Prehistory to the late Middle Ages, with the most important evidence for the Roman period and Late Antiquity, which relate to the history of the city, now better understood thanks to the ongoing excavation project started in 2001. The research shows an organic settlement framework of the entire area, closely linked to the sea and its resources, as confirmed by studies of the material culture. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet